can you kayak while pregnant

Can You Kayak While Pregnant? A Guide to Safe Paddling

Pregnancy means you’re about to welcome a new family member into your house, and it requires saintly patience to get through those nine months while constantly weighing precautions. but can you kayak while pregnant? is the question that requires a well-informed

Don’t Worry Moms, I’ve been there too!

Some pregnant women enjoy engaging in outdoor activities, and I must emphasise that as expectant mothers, we need that the most to maintain our physical and mental health. And if you love water sports (like I do! ), paddling while pregnant will blow your mind.

Can You Kayak While Pregnant?

But can you kayak while pregnant? After a thorough research and interviews of some pregnant paddlers, I can confidently say, “yes”! Even while pregnant, you can go kayaking, but some restrictions exist.

Let’s learn more about them in this 6 minutes article!

How Much Kayaking Is Safe To Do When Expecting?

Before beginning any physical activity while pregnant, always discuss it with your doctor. I consider kayaking to be a strenuous and energy-expending sport. Therefore it’s best to be cautious than sorry!

safe kayaking in pregnancy
safe kayaking in pregnancy

I’ve observed that some pregnant women may participate in this sport, thanks to a trouble-free pregnancy, while others cannot do so due to specific pregnancy-related risks.

If any of the conditions such as multiple pregnancies, a history of miscarriages or premature birth, several pregnancies, a weak cervix, and prior medical history you should abstain from kayaking.

Benefits Of Kayaking When Pregnant

Pregnancy makes you feel worn out sometimes due to hormonal changes. At that point, you only want to spend the entire day in bed, wrapped under your warm blanket. If you feel the same, stop and reconsider since you can’t just sit around for nine months!

You can consider kayaking if you’re pregnant; it’s a great sport. Physical activity has several benefits since it can be beneficial in a variety of situations, including:

Benefits of kayaking when pregnant
Benefits of kayaking when pregnant

1- Reduce The Likelihood Of Gestational Diabetes

Some pregnant women have diabetes, which is also called gestational diabetes, which may result in high blood pressure and, ultimately, a high-risk pregnancy. Nonetheless, it is typical for gestational diabetes to return to normal shortly after giving delivery.

Kayaking, for example, can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

2- Reduces Discomfort and Agony

Kayaking eases discomfort, agony, and swelling. Kayaking promotes relaxation. It is regarded as an anaerobic activity. If you are pregnant and want to kayak, go for it, explore this enjoyable sport, and witness the miraculous changes for yourself.

3- Great for Edema and Knee Pain

Kayaking allows you to use your upper body without utilizing your legs, which is why it’s great for pregnant ladies with edema and knee pain. Your body begins to strengthen as you use the muscles in your lower back, and the best thing is that it doesn’t strain your ankles or knees.

4- Kayaking Reduces Unhealthy Weight Growth

Being pregnant brings with it the serious worry of gaining weight. But who wants an unattractive, obese body? no one, not even a pregnant woman. 

I know you and your kid need to be at a healthy weight, but being overweight causes problems down the road. Sarah, my neighbor, is six months pregnant and enjoys kayaking to be active. So what is stopping you?

5- Kayaking Handles Your Mood Swings

How kayaking changes your entire body and mind while you’re pregnant is quite amusing. Kayaking is a good sport that can improve your mood. I’ll swear by the mood-altering effects of this aquatic sport! 

Women experience various hormone changes during pregnancy, which have an unanticipated impact on their moods. And kayaking definitely makes a great impact on your mood. That’s why I say that kayaking has the ability to handle your mood swings and make you happy in a minute.

Let’s have a quick view of what benefits you will get when you kayak while pregnant.

What Others Benefits You Will Get While Kayaking

  • It reduces stress levels, gives you access to fresh air, improves physical and mental health, provides relaxation, and promotes a healthy pregnancy.
  • Paddling, on the other hand, teaches you how to balance and stabilize your body, which causes your heart to beat faster. Moreover, faster heartbeats during paddling widen blood vessels and the lungs, improving blood circulation.
  • Kayaking will boost metabolism and relieve constipation if you are experiencing it while pregnant.
  • Helpful for labor.
  • Kayaking is an activity that requires physical exertion. It will be beneficial if you plan to give birth naturally. By doing this, your muscles and pelvic floor are strengthened.

Precautions That Must be Taken When You Kayak While Pregnant 

As a soon-to-be mother, it can be challenging to consider doing any physical activity, including kayaking, which you enjoy the most. Don’t worry; the precautions below will help you limit any risks to you and your unborn child, and you are strictly advised to follow them.

precautionary measures for pregnant kayakers
precautionary measures for pregnant kayakers

1- PFDs

It would be best if you had safety equipment when kayaking. PFDs (personal floatation devices) are crucial since they keep you safe and secure. While kayaking, you must wear your flotation device to protect the growing baby.

2- Look For a Way to the Restrooms

When you are pregnant, you need to pee more frequently than usual. Therefore, be sure to plan your trips to the restroom in case you need to urinate.

3- Must-Have Meal Before Going 

It would help to eat a substantial lunch before you begin kayaking because paddling could be exhausting. Keep extra snacks on hand to eat later if you are hungry or sad.

4- Avoid Going Far

Avoid going to far-off locations. Choose a position that is comfortable for you instead. Your seat ought to be well cushioned and simple to modify. The most crucial choice would be a seat with a backrest.

5- The Type Of Kayak You Choose

The type of kayak you choose can determine the safety of your baby. You can choose from many kinds of kayaks, but you should ensure that you get one that is comfortable and secure. You can also find a lot of different styles and designs so that you can get the right one for you. 

Therefore, the sit-on-top kayak is better because it contains seats and footrests. Kayaks of this type also include backrests. I know you are excited to kayak, but now that you have your child with you, please be more cautious and avoid standing on the boat’s bow. 

Kayaking in a group is preferable to doing it alone. Since you are carrying a child, I won’t say I have any concerns about you kayaking alone. So, it is essential to have company.

Understand the White Water Conditions

Not everyone can safely paddle through whitewater when pregnant. While their bodies are not prepared for strenuous activity, such as kayaking, some pregnant women are urged to participate in water activities. But don’t give up because you can still participate in this sport, even in whitewater, if you do not have any danger concerns.

Pregnancy already uses up much of your energy, and whitewater is challenging and requires more.

Women’s whitewater is fine for regular kayaking. But if this is your first time trying this sport, stay away from choppy water and choose calm and smooth lakes instead.

Whitewater kayaking is undoubtedly an adrenaline booster, but I’ll advise you to take a vacation from it because it has advantages and disadvantages.

Additional Safety Precautions Throughout The Third Trimester

Despite the difficulty of pregnancy, some women continue to pursue healthy habits, which counts. Women typically have difficulty during the third trimester, but their excitement for kayaking keeps them going. You must take certain safety precautions and adhere to them at all costs:

  • If you feel pain and any discomfort, you must stop. 
  • If getting in and out of the kayak seems complicated, ask for help. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes.  
  •  If you cannot carry your kayak from one place to the water, ask for a helping hand. 
  • Staying hydrated is a must for you. Your fluids should be up during pregnancy, so keep water bottles with you while kayaking. 
  • Eat healthy and balanced food because taking care of nutrition is essential to obtain high energy. Before kayaking, eat a bowl filled with nutritious foods, especially fruits, and vegetables. 

Effect Of Bumpy Boat During Pregnancy  

Bumpy water not good for pregnant women
Bumpy water not good for pregnant women

I know you enjoy the water. Both pregnancy and kayaking are tricky to consider and cater to simultaneously, needing extra care and safety. Bumpy water rides are not a good option

Turbulence is not a healthy option for you and your baby. It is based on research that when you come across a road bump, it can also cause danger to you and the unborn child. 

Final Words – Is It Safe to Kayak While Pregnant

If you want to kayak during pregnancy, I suggest you give it a shot but be aware that every pregnancy is different and has its challenges. Staying active and healthy is a must for you and your child, and kayaking is the most suitable sport.

Whether you are new to kayaking or do kayaking regularly, ask your doctor before getting into any complications. All you need is to follow proper guidelines for kayaking during your pregnancy to protect yourself from dangers. Take your personal flotation device with you, and avoid whitewater kayaking because it is dangerous.

Stick with group kayaking or take a companion while kayaking and refrain from doing it solo!  

FAQs – Can You Go Kayaking While Pregnant

Is It Safe To Do Solo Kayaking During Pregnancy? 

The answer is no! Pregnancy comes with some very obvious risks. Being pregnant is something that you must take seriously and with caution. In case you face any trouble, difficulty, or emergency, solo kayaking is not a good idea. Instead, take a companion ride. 

Can I Kayak in Deep Water When I’m Pregnant?

The answer is no! Pregnancy comes with some very obvious risks. Being pregnant is something that you must take seriously and with caution. In case you face any trouble, difficulty, or emergency, solo kayaking is not a good idea. Instead, take a companion ride. 

Which Type Of Kayaking Is Best For Pregnant Women?

There are mainly two types of kayaks: one is sit-inside, and the other is sit-on-top. For pregnant women, it is best to go with a sit-on-top kayak because you can easily adjust to your comfortable seat. It also has a seat rest and a footrest. 

Can I go kayaking while I am in my First trimester?

It is generally not recommended for pregnant women to participate in activities that have a high risk of falling or injury, such as kayaking, during the first trimester. This is because the first trimester is a critical time in the development of the fetus and there is an increased risk of miscarriage during this period. It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any physical activity while pregnant to ensure that it is safe for you and your baby.

Can I Kayak During My Second Trimester?

Kayaking can be a safe and enjoyable activity for pregnant women during the second trimester, as long as certain precautions are taken. It is important to check with your healthcare provider to ensure that it is safe for you to engage in physical activity and that there are no underlying health concerns that may make kayaking unsafe.

Can I go kayaking while I am in my third trimester?

During the Third trimester of pregnancy, there is an increased risk of premature labor or injury due to the added weight and changing body shape.
However, every pregnancy is different, and it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any physical activity during the third trimester. They can provide personalized guidance based on your individual health status and pregnancy history.

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